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ACS - Referencing Guide

Internet Documents


Cite documents published on the internet according to the specific guidelines for the type of document. More specific information is available for Books and Journal Articles.

Government reports and company annual reports are examples of documents that may be published on the internet.

Please note: If no author or editor is given and the document is not a part, article or chapter, then citation is by title.


Standard format for citation

#. Author, A. A.; Author, B. B. Document Title, Year. Site Name. Internet address (accessed Year-Month-Day).



Electronic document 

1. Byrne, C. Molecular Scissors Slice DNA to Isolate Genes, 2006. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). (accessed 2008-04-24).

2. Chang, A. C.; Pan, G.; Page, A. L.; Asano, T. Developing Human Health-related Chemical Guidelines for Reclaimed Waster and Sewage Sludge Applications in Agriculture, 2002. World Health Organization.  (accessed 2010-10-01).

Electronic document: Organisation

3. European Solvents Industry Group. Flammability: A Safety Guide for Users, 2003. Safe Working with Industrial Solvents, Best Practices Guidelines No. 4. (accessed 2010-10-01).

Electronic document: Government publications

4. Australia. Department of Health and Ageing. Polyacrylate in DynamX, 2010. National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS), Full Public Report PLC/932. (accessed 2010-10-01).

5. Western Australia. Chemistry Centre. Water for Domestic, Agricultural and General Use, 2008. (accessed 2010-10-01).

Electronic document: Commonwealth legislation

6. Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 (Cth). (accessed 2019-04-11).

Electronic document: State legislation

7. Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Western Australia) Act 1995 (WA).$FILE/
Agricultural%20And%20Veterinary%20Chemicals%20(Western%20Australia)%20Act%201995%20-%20%5B02-a0-06%5D.pdf?OpenElement (accessed 2019-04-11).

Personal Internet site

8. Stanley, F. Information page - Professor Fiona Stanley, 2005. Telethon Institute for Child Health Research. (accessed 2008-04-24).

General Internet page

9. Dunham, W. Methane Spotted on Distant Planet, 2008. News in Science, ABC online. (accessed 2008-04-24).

10. American Chemical Society, Committee on Chemical Safety, Task Force for Safety Education Guidelines. Guidelines for Chemical Laboratory Safety in Academic Institutions. American Chemical Society, 2016. (accessed 2019-02-21).

11. ACS Publications Home Page. (accessed 2019-02-21).

Blog entry

12. Cantrill, S. Blindingly Simple. The Sceptical Chymist: A Blog from Nature Chemistry, February 6, 2015. (accessed 2015-06-09).

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, internet documents and web pages.