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Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Assignment from Another Unit


1. Reid, S. F. The Importance of Scientific Method. Unpublished Manuscript, BSC100: Building Blocks for Science Students, Murdoch University: Murdoch, WA, 2016.

A-V Materials
Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry



2. Davis, J. producer, scriptwriter. Chemistry of Carbon [DVD]. Classroom Video: Warriewood, NSW, 2005.

Radio Programme

3 3. White, S. director. Peak Phosphorus Concerns Prompt Research [Radio Broadcast]. Innovations, Sept 20, 2010. ABC Radio: Sydney, NSW.

Sound Recording

4 4. Bryant, S. writer. The Story of the Internet [Sound Recording]. Pearson Education: Harlow, U.K., 2008.

Television Programme

5 5. Lazaredes, N. reporter. Frankenstein`s Farm [Television Broadcast]. Dateline, July 25, 2001. Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

Video Recording

6 6. Lines, J. director; Dechian, S. writer; De Robbio, M. producer.  Chemical Equations in the Real World [Videorecording]. Video Education Australasia: Bendigo, VIC, 2009.

YouTube/Vimeo Video

7 7. NRK.  Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles [Video File].YouTube, February 26, 2007. (accessed January 28, 2014).

Book Chapters
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Chapter or Article in Edited Book


8. Almlof, J.; Gropen, O. Relativistic Effects in Chemistry. In Reviews in Computational Chemistry; Lipkowitz, K. B., Boyd, D. B., Eds.; VCH: New York, 1996; Vol. 8, pp 206-210.

Article in an Encyclopaedia


9. Dorfman, J. R. Kinetic Teory: Transport and Fluctuations. In Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry; edited by John H. Moore, J. H., Spencer, N. D., Eds.; Institute of Physics: Bristol, U.K., 2001; Vol. 1, pp 573-595.

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Book: Single Author

10 10. Schmidt, L. D. The Engineering of Chemical Reactions, 2nd ed.; Oxford University Press: New York, 2005; pp 71-88.

Book: Two or More Authors


11. Sutton, R.S.; Rockett, B.; Swindells, P. G. Chemistry for the Life Sciences, 2nd ed.; CRC: Baton Roca, FL, 2009.

Book: Organisation as Author

12 12. American Chemical Society, Committee on Analytical Reageants. Reagent Chemicals: Specifications and Procedures, 10th ed.; Washington, DC, 2006.

Book: Government Agency as Author

13 13. Australia. Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Heritage. Personal Monitoring of Selected Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): The Contribution of Woodsmoke to Exposure; Technical report no. 8; Canberra, ACT, 2004; pp 6-12.

Book: No Author


14. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Chemistry, 2nd ed.; McGraw-Hill: New York, 2003; p 26.

Book: Editor

15 15. Stocker, J. H., Ed. Chemistry and Science Fiction; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1998.

Book: Different Editions


16. Timberlake, K. C. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic and Biological Chemistry, 10th ed.; Pearson Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2009.

Scientific/Technical Report


17. Griffin, E. A.; Verboom, W. H.; Allen, D. G. Paired Site Sampling for Soil Carbon Estimation: Western Australia, National Carbon Accounting System technical report No. 38; Australian Greenhouse Office: Canberra, ACT, 2003; pp 125-136.

Conference Papers
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Conference Paper in Print


18. Ierapetritou, M. G.; Androulakis, I. P.; Monas, D. S.; Floudas, C. A. Structure Prediction of Binding Sites of MHC Class II Molecules Based on the Crystal HLA-DRB1 and Global Optimization. In Optimization in Computational Chemistry and Molecular Biology: Local and Global Approaches: Proceedings, 1999, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, May 7-9, 1999; Floudas, C. A., Pardalos, P. M., Eds.; Kluwer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2000; pp 157-190.

Conference Paper from the Internet

19 19. Chang, H.; Wilson, C.; Jackson, J. Eliminating polymer flake defects using an oxygen free chemistry. In 1997 IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing, San Francisco, CA, Oct 6-8, 1997; IEEE: Piscataway, NJ, 1997; pp 91-93. IEEE Xplore. (accessed Sept 24, 2010).

Unpublished Conference Paper

20 20. Zientek, K. D.; Eyler, J. R. Presented at the 51st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Montreal, Canada, June 8-12, 2003.

Conference Proceedings

21 21. El Nadi, L., Ed. Modern Trends in Physics Research: First International Conference on Modern Trends in Physics Research, MTPR-04, Cairo, Egypt, 4-9 April 2004; AIP conference proceedings 0748; American Institute of Physics: Melville, NY, 2005.

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry



22. Funes-Ardoiz, I. TS19t-20tOH, 2018. ChEMBL. (accessed Jul 4, 2019).

Dataset Repository 23 23. Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), 2018. Cambridge, U.K.: CCDC. (accessed Jul 3, 2019).
Dataset Deposit Record 24 24. Thomas, S. C.; Martin, A. R. Data from: Carbon Content of Tree Tissues: A Synthesis, 2012. Dryad Digital Repository. (accessed Jul 4 2019). Referenced in
Dataset Description Article 25 25. Miyahara, N.; Miwa, S.; Horiguchi, N.; Sato, I.; Masahiko, O. Chemical Reaction Kinetics Dataset of Cs-I-B-Mo-O-H System for Evaluation of Fission Product Chemistry Under LWR Severe Accident Conditions. J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. [Online] 2019, 56 (2), 228-240. Taylor & Francis Journals. (accessed Jul 11, 2019).

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry



26. Mikkelsen, S. R.; Cortón, E. Bioanalytical Chemistry [Online]; Wiley: Hoboken, NJ, 2004. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Chapter from an E-book


27. Oleksyn, B. J.; Stadnicka, K.; Sliwinski, J. Structural Chemistry of Enamimes: A Statistical Approach. In The Chemistry of Enamimes [Online]; Rappoport, Z., Ed.; Wiley: New York, 1994; pp 87-218. (accessed Apr 24, 2005).

Article from an Electronic Encyclopaedia


28. Cloverly, S. Segmented Flow Analysis. Encyclopedia of Analytical Science [Online]; Elsevier Academic Press, Posted May 25, 2005. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Journal Article from a Full Text Database


29. Bogdanchikova, N.; Simakov, A.; Smolentseva, E.; Pestryakov, A.; Farias, M. H.; Diaz, J. A.; Tompos, A.; Avalos, M. Stabilization of Catalytically Active Gold Species in Fe-modified Zeolites. Appl. Surf. Sci. [Online] 2008, 254 (13), 4075-4083. ScienceDirect. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Journal Article from the Internet


30. Zahardis, J., Petrucci, G. A. The Oleic Acid-ozone Heterogeneous Reaction System: Products, Kinetics, Secondary Chemistry, and Atmospheric Implications of a Model System – A Review. Atmos. Chem. Phys. [Online] 2007, 7 (5), 1237-1274. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Internet Documents
Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Electronic Document

31 31. Byrne, C. Molecular Scissors Slice DNA to Isolate Genes, 2006. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Government Publication

32 32. Western Australia. Chemistry Centre. Water for Domestic, Agricultural and General Use, 2008. (accessed Oct 1, 2010).


33 33. Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 (Cth). (accessed Apr 11, 2019).

Internet Site

34 34. Dunham, W. Methane Spotted on Distant Planet, 2008. News in Science, ABC online. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Journal Articles
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Journal Article in Print

35 35. Klinger, J. Influence of Pretreatment on Sodium Powder. Chem. Mater. 2005, 17, 2755-2768.

Journal Article in Print: Multiple Authors


36. Caruso, R. A.; Susha, A.; Caruso, F. Multilayered Titania, Silica, and Laponite Nanoparticle Coatings on Polystyrene Collodial Templates and Resulting Inorganic Hollow Spheres. Chem. Mater. 2001, 13, 400-409.

Newspaper Articles
Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Newspaper Article in Print


37. Garnaut, K. J. Why Potash Strikes Fear in China's Heart. The Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 21, 2010, p 6.

Newspaper Article from the Internet


38. Rose, D. Household Chemical Perfluorooctanoic Acid Linked to Thyroid Disease. The Times [Online]. Jan 21, 2010. (accessed Sept 23, 2010).

Newspaper Article from a Full Text Database


39. Dayton, L. US Bans Health Risk Pesticide. The Australian [Online], June 26, 2010, p 12. Factiva. (accessed Sept 23, 2010).

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry



40. Robertson, R.  Leadership at the Bottom of the Earth…Where No One Hears You Scream. 2010 Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture. [Podcast]. Murdoch University: Murdoch, WA, 2010. (accessed Aug 5, 2010).

Podcast Lecture from LMS


41. Hill, D.  Australian Media Representation of Asia. [Podcast Lecture]. In Australia in Asia (FDN110), April 4, 2012. Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University. (accessed Jun 5, 2012).

Podcast Radio Programme


42. Wanless, E. Surface Chemistry [Podcast]. The Science Show, April 5, 2008. ABC Radio National. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Podcast Television Programme

43 43. Philips, G.; Doherty, P. Meet Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty [Podcast]. Catalyst, April 17, 2008. ABC Television. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

Readers/Study Guides
Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry



44. Campbell, C. J.; Laherrere, J. H. The End of Cheap Oil. Sci. Am. 1998, 278 (3), 78-83. In Introduction to Energy Studies (PEC190) Unit Reader. Murdoch University: Murdoch,WA, 2006; pp 129-134.

Material Type In Text Citation Reference List Entry

Unpublished Thesis

45 45. Shiers, D. Chemolithotrophic Batch Cultures and Solution Parameters. Chemistry, Honours Thesis, Murdoch University: Murdoch, WA, 2004.

Published Thesis


46. Macquart, R. B. Structural Studies of Ferroelectric Oxides: A Gentle Introduction to the Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Ferroelectric Materials; VDM Verlag Dr. Müller: Saarbrücken, Germany, 2008.

Thesis from a Full Text Database


47. Nikoloski, A. N. The Electrochemistry of the Leaching of Pre-reduced Nickel Laterites in Ammonia-ammonium Carbonate Solution. PhD Thesis, Murdoch University: Murdoch, WA, 2002. Australasian Digital Theses Program. (accessed Sept 21, 2010).