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ACS - Referencing Guide

Newspaper Articles


Include section name if given.

Include the specific date as well as year.

Include the specific page or section numbers if appropriate.


Standard format for citation

#. Article Author A. A. Title of Article. Title of Newspaper: Section, Abbreviated Month Date, Year, p inclusive page numbers.


Newspaper articles in print

1. Lewis, C. Under pressure? Blow Off Steam. The Age, Apr 7, 2008, p 12.

2. Garnaut, K. J. Why Potash Strikes Fear in China's Heart. The Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 21, 2010, p 6.

3. Barrett, R. Clamour to Shut Coal-seam Plant. The Australian, July 19, 2010, p 10.

Newspaper article in print: No author

4. Face Cream Safety Fears. The West Australian, Sept 6, 2010, p 17.

Newspaper article from a full text database

5. Martin, S.; Wills, D. $1bn Minerals Plant to Create New Industry. The Advertiser [Online], Sept 18, 2010. Factiva. (accessed Sept 23, 2010).

6. Dayton, L. US Bans Health Risk Pesticide. The Australian [Online], June 26, 2010, p 12. Factiva. (accessed Sept 23, 2010).

Newspaper article from the internet

7. Rose, D. Household Chemical Perfluorooctanoic Acid Linked to Thyroid Disease. The Times [Online]. Jan 21, 2010. (accessed Sept 23, 2010).

8. Austen, I. Bottle Maker to Stop Using Plastic Linked to Health Concerns. New York Times [Online], April 18, 2008. (accessed Apr 24, 2008).

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books and web pages.