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ACS - Referencing Guide


Standard ACS Abbreviations

Standard abbreviations may be used in your citations.

A list of appropriate abbreviations can be found in the ACS Style Guide, 3rd ed., pp. 158-159.

Some of the more often used abbreviations can be found below:



Editor Ed

et alii, et aliae (and others) - from Latin

et al
Number (series) no
Page(s) (book) p (pp)
Paragraph para
Revised rev
Supplement Suppl
Volume (book) vol

Journal Abbrivations

Use CAplus Core Journal Coverage List for standard abbreviations of journal names.

If the journal you are referencing is not included in CAplus, also check:

Place Names

The names of U.S. states and territories are abbreviated in the reference list; use the official two-letter U.S. Postal Service abbreviations after all U.S. cities except New York.

To cite locations outside of the United States, include city and country names for all cities except London and Paris.

The names of Australian states may be abbreviated using standard Australia Post abbreviations.

Some examples:

Channel View Publications: Clevedon, U.K.

John Wiley & Sons: Hoboken, NJ

Taylor & Francis: London

Sage: Newbury Park, CA

Pearson Education Australia: Frenchs Forest, NSW

Unisa: Pretoria, South Africa