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Vancouver - Referencing Guide

A-V Materials


Standard format for citation 

#. Person AA, responsibility (if appropriate). Title: subtitle [format]. Special credits (if appropriate). Place of publication: Publisher; Year.


Standard format for software/app citation

#. Rightsholder. Title of app [mobile application software]. (Version number). Location: Publisher. (Year). [Date accessed]. Retrieved from <download URL>.


Standard format for YouTube/Vimeo video citation

#. Author, AA OR Screen name. Title of video [video file]. Year Date uploaded [cited Year Date Cited]. Available from: internet address of specific video.


Radio programme

1. Doogue G, presenter. New reporting rules for medicos. SaturdayExtra [radio broadcast]. Sydney: ABC Radio, 2010 Jul 17.

Sound recordings

2. Owen W, presenter. The human body [sound recording]. Midland (WA): People Learn productions; 2006.


3. Acland RD, presenter. Acland's DVD atlas of human anatomy [DVD]. Baltimore (MD): Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2004.


4. Terry KW, Hewson GS, Rowe MB. Characterisation of inhaled dusts at minesites [microfiche]. Perth: Minerals and Energy Research Institute of Western Australia; 1998.


5. MyFitnessPal. MapMyRun. [mobile application]. 2023 [cited 2023 May 8]. Available from:

Television programme

6. Cohen J, reporter. Messing with heads. Four corners [television broadcast]. Sydney: Australian Broadcasting Corporation; 2005 Mar 21.

Video recording

7. Hillel J, writer. Out of sight out of mind: indigenous people's health in Australia [videorecording]. Bendigo: Video Education Australasia; 2003.

YouTube/Vimeo video

8. NRK. Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles [video file]. 2007 Feb 26 [cited 2014 Jan 28]. Available from:

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, A-V materials, books, and web pages.