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APA - Referencing Guide

Course Materials


Course material should not be referenced, unless it contains original material.
   Instead, you should go to the original source of the research on which the lecture was based, then cite the original work.

 Use (n.d.) if no date given on course materials.

 Add material description after title  e.g. [PowerPoint slides], [Lecture notes].

 Do not include publisher details for course materials.

 Do not include Retrieved from …  details for course materials.

 Use the name of the site and URL of homepage/login page URL for sites requiring login  e.g. for Murdoch University's LMS Moodle.

 Include full URL for materials access from the Internet and accessible by public.



Lectures (recordings accessed via LMS):

Author, A. (Role). (Year, Month Day). Title of lecture [Lecture recording]. Source. URL of homepage


PowerPoint slides (accessed via LMS):

Author, A. (Year). Title of slide presentation [PowerPoint slides]. Source. URL of homepage




Lectures (recordings accessed via LMS)

Jones, A. (Presenter). (2023, April 1). The business of healthcare provision: Strategies for management [Lecture recording]. Moodle.

PowerPoint slides (accessed via LMS)

Brown, A. (2023). 5 strategies for effective leadership for healthcare provision [PowerPoint slides]. Moodle.


PowerPoint Slide or Lecture Note References:


See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, Internet documents, and web pages.