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Legal Citation

Internet Materials

Don't Forget!!

Read this guide in conjunction with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

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Citing Internet Materials

A source should only be cited according to 7:15 if it does not exist in a published form and no other rule applies.


  • Citations of articles in electronic journals should adhere to rule 5.10
  • Citations of electronic newspapers should adhere to rule 7.11.2
  • Citations of blogs should adhere to rule 7.15

A citation of an internet document that is to be cited using rule 7.15 should appear in the following form (rule 7.15):

Author, 'Document Title', Web Page Title (Document Type, Full Date) Pinpoint <URL>.


An author's name should be included if it is apparent from the webpage or document (rule 7.15).

The full date of the last update of the web page should be included where it is available. If this is not shown, include the full date of creation. A partial date is acceptable if given, and where no date is given the full date should be omitted from the citation (rule 7.15).

The date of retrieval of the material should not be included: rule 6.15.6.


Citations of posts on blogs and online forums should take the following format:

Author of Post, 'Title of Post', Blog/Forum Name (Blog Post, Full Date of Post) <URL of Post>.