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AGLC - Referencing Guide

Cases - Unreported

Rule 2.3 Unreported Decisions

With Medium Neutral Citation

  Only use when medium neutral citation was court allocated  

  Use preferred unique court identifiers for Australian Supreme and superior Commonwealth courts (appendix B)

  Use paragraph numbers for pinpoint references 

Without Medium Neutral Citation

  Use page numbers for pinpoint references 


  Use the proceeding number assigned by the court

Rule 2.1 Case Names

  Include only surnames of individuals (rule 2.1.1)

  Include only first plaintiff and first defendant if multiple parties (rule 2.1.1)

  Use Commonwealth, Western Australia, Queensland, etc (rule 2.1.3)

  Use 'R' to abbreviate the Queen or King (rule 2.1.4)

  Use  a 'v' to separate party names

  Include full case name followed by shortened title (italicised and placed within single inverted commas and parentheses)

  Omit the case name in footnote citation if given in full in the essay text (rule 2.1.15)

Rule 2.2.2 Law Report Series Hierarchy

The authorised version of the report should always be used where available.

The version of a case to be cited should follow the preference order below (from top to bottom):

Version Examples
Authorised report CLR, FCRNSWLR, VR,WAR
Generalist unauthorised report ALR, AJLR, FLR, ACTR
Subject-specific unauthorised report A Crim R, ACSR, IR, IPR
Unreported (medium neutral citation) HCA, FCA, NSWSC, VSC
Unreported (no medium neutral citation) See rule 2.3.2


Rule 2.3.1 Court Identifiers

The list of preferred unique court identifiers for Australian Supreme and superior Commonwealth courts is given in rule 2.3.1.

A more extensive list of current, commonly used Australian unique court identifiers is set out in appendix B.

Note: the online version of AGLC4 does not include Appendix B.  This can only be found in the print version.


Standard format for footnote

With Medium Neutral Citation:

   Case Name  [ Year  Unique Court Identifier   Judgment Number , [Pinpoint] <URL>.


Without Medium Neutral Citation:

   Case Name  ( Court ,  Judge ,  Full Date  Pinpoint  <URL>.


Standard format for bibliography

With Medium Neutral Citation:

   Case Name  [ Year  Unique Court Identifier   Judgment Number 


Without Medium Neutral Citation:

   Case Name  ( Court ,  Judge ,  Full Date )

Footnote Examples

With Medium Neutral Citation

1 Hooper v Australian Electoral Commission [2015] HCASL 247.

2 R v De Gruchy [2006] VSCA 10, [4]–[5] (Vincent JA).

Without Medium Neutral Citation

3 Ross v Chambers (Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, Kriewaldt J, 5 April 1956) 77–8.

4 Inquest into the Death of Helen Christine MacFarlaine (Coroner’s Court of Western Australia, Coroner Linton, 12 August 2015) [pinpoint].


4 Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v ACN 169418697 Pty Ltd (Federal Court of Australia, VID41/2018, commenced 19 January 2018).

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, cases, and web pages.