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AGLC - Referencing Guide

Reference Materials

Rules 7.6 Dictionaries

  Include the edition number, with the ordinal indicator in superscript

  Include the retrieval date from online dictionaries

  Specify which definition used if multiple entries


 Dictionary Title  ( Edition Number  ed,  Publication Year ) ' Entry Title ' (def  Definition Number ).



 Dictionary Title  (online at  Date of Retrieval ) ' Entry Title ' (def  Definition Number ).

7.7 Legal Encyclopedias

  Include the date of latest update of a chapter

  Include the retrieval date from online encyclopedias

  Pinpoint references should be to paragraphs

Do Not Reference Tertiary Material

Tertiary Materials, such as dictionaries and encyclopaedia,
are NOT considered acceptable material upon which to base academic legal research,
so cannot be included in Reference Lists for Murdoch University Law Students.


Standard format for footnote

Dictionary - online:

   Dictionary Title  (online at  Date of Retrieval ) ' Entry Title ' (def  Definition Number ) < URL >.


Dictionary - print:

   Dictionary Title  ( Edition Number  ed,  Publication   Year ) ' Entry Title ' (def  Definition Number ).


Encyclopedia - online:

   Publisher ,  Encyclopedia Title , (online at  Date of Retrieval  Title Number   Title Name , ' Chapter Number   Chapter Name ' [ Paragraph ]< URL >.


Encyclopedia - print:

   Publisher ,  Encyclopedia Title ,  vol  Volume Number  (at  Full Date of Last Update )  Title Number   Title Name , ' Chapter Number   Chapter Name ' [ Paragraph ].


Standard format for bibliography

Dictionary - online:

   Dictionary Title   


Dictionary - print:

   Dictionary Title  ( Edition Number  ed,  Publication Year )


Encyclopedia - online:

   Publisher ,  Encyclopedia Title ,  Title Number   Title Name 


Encyclopedia - print:

   Publisher ,  Encyclopedia Title , vol  Volume Number   Title Number   Title Name 


Footnote Examples


1 Macquarie Dictionary (5th ed, 2009) 'demise' (def 4).

2 Oxford English Dictionary (2nd ed, 1989) 'school' (v2, def 2b). 

3 Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary (online at 20 February 2018) 'default judgment' (def 1) <>.

Legal Encyclopedia

4 LexisNexis, Halsbury's Laws of Australia, vol 15 (at 25 May 2009) 235 Insurance, '2 General Principles' [235-270].

5 LexisNexis, Halsbury's Laws of England, (online at 20 February 2018) Equitable Jurisdiction, '4 Principles of Equitable Jurisdiction' [101] <URL>.

6 Westlaw AU, The Laws of Australia (online at 15 February 2018) 2 Administrative Law, '2.3 Access to Information' [2.3.10] <>. 

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, reference materials, and web pages.