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AGLC - Referencing Guide


Rule 7.3 Speeches

  If the speech is a named lecture, the lecture name should be included in the place of 'Speech'

  Ordinal numbers (e.g. 1st, 5th) of lecture series should not be included

  If a forum is specified, the city should not be included

  If no specific forum in indicated, include the city in which the speech was delivered

 Author , ' Title ' (Speech,  Institution/Forum ,  Full Date )  Pinpoint .


Standard format for footnote

   AA Author , ' Title ' ( Speech ,  Institution/Forum ,  Full Date )  Pinpoint  < URL >.


Standard format for bibliography

   Author, AA , ' Title ' ( Speech  Institution/Forum ,  Full Date )

Footnote Examples


1 Justice Dyson Heydon, 'Threats to Judicial Independence: The Enemy Within' (Speech, Inner Temple, 23 January 2012).

2 Virginia Bell, 'Section 80: The Great Constitutional Tautology' (Lucinda Lecture, Monash University, 24 October 2013).

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, speeches, and web pages.