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AGLC - Referencing Guide

Internet Documents

Rule 7.15 Internet Materials

  Author should only be included if indicated on the page cited

  Do not include the author if the author and web page title are identical

  Document title appears within single quotation marks and should not be italicised

  Titles and subtitles are given maximal capitalisation

  All words other than prepositions, conjunctions, and definite and indefinite articles (a, an, the) are capitalised

  Website titles are italicised 

  Include document type (use 'Web Page' where the document type of source is unclear)

  Include full date of last update (or date of creation, if update not given) after document title - omit date if not given

  Include URL after first reference

Document Types

  Document type should be reproduced as it appears on the source

  Omit reference to document type in the document tile - include within parenthesis for document type (Rule 7.1.1)

  Do not repeat document type where the document type forms an integral part of the document title (Example: 'Annual Report') (Rule 7.1.1)


Blog Post

Interim Report

Research Note



Research Paper

Conference Paper

LLM Thesis

Research Report

Consultation Paper

Media Release

Seminar Paper

Discussion Paper

Parliamentary Paper


Final Report

PhD Thesis

Web Page

Forum Post


Working Paper


Research Discussion Paper


Relevant Rules:

  7.1.1 Reports and Similar Documents

  7.1.2 Parliamentary Papers, Committee Reports, Bills Digests and Alert Digests

  7.1.4 Law Reform Commission Publications

  7.1.5 Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Materials

  7.2.1 Research Papers, Theses and Similar Documents

  7.2.5 Theses and Dissertations

  7.15 Internet Materials


Standard format for footnote

   AA Author and BB Author  'Document Title' ,  Web Page Title  ( Document Type ,  Full Date )  Pinpoint  < URL >.


Standard format for bibliography

   Author, AA and BB Author  'Document Title' ,  Web Page Title  ( Document Type ,  Full Date )


Footnote Examples

1 'James Edelman', High Court of Australia (Web Page) <>.

2 Owen Hayford, 'Back to the Past for Dodgy Construction payment Adjudications: Probuild and Maxcon', Opinions on High (Blog Post, 23 February 2018) <>.


See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, Internet documents, and web pages.