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AGLC - Referencing Guide

United Nations Materials

Rule 9 United Nations Materials

A citation of a United Nations ('UN') document should include the elements in the table below. 

The elements should be included in the order shown below.

Element Example Rule
Author H S Amerasinghe, 9.2.1
Title Informal Single Negotiating Text
Part IV Presented by the
President of the Conference
Resolution or Decision Number GA Res 3314, 9.2.3
Official Records UN GAOR, 9.2.4
Committee Number 4th Comm, 9.2.5
Session (and Part) Number 34th sess,
28th sess, 1st pt,
Meeting Number 75th mtg,
46th plen mtg,
Agenda Item Agenda Item 2, 9.2.8
Supplement Supp No 3, 9.2.9
UN Document Number UN Doc A/RES/150 9.2.10
Full Date (20 August 2008) 9.2.11
Annex annex 1 9.2.12
Pinpoint Reference [2] 9.2.13


If the document may be easily located online using the UN document number through an official UN database (eg <>), elements 9.2.4-9.2.9 may be omitted.

WHO & ILO Documents

Documents of the World Health Organization ('WHO'), the International Labour Organization ('ILO') and other similar bodies may be cited using rule 9.2, replacing the UN document number with the appropriate alternative document number.


Standard format for footnote

   Author ,  Title ,  Resolution or Decision Number ,  Official Records ,  Committee Number ,  Session (and Part) Number ,  Meeting Number ,  Agenda Item ,  Supplement ,  UN Document Number  ( Full Date  Annex  [ Pinpoint Reference ] < URL >.


Standard format for bibliography

   Author  Title ,  Resolution or Decision Number ,  Official Records ,  Committee Number ,  Session (and Part) Number ,  Meeting Number ,  Agenda Item ,  Supplement ,  UN Document Number  ( Full Date  Annex  [ Pinpoint Reference ] < URL >.

Footnote Examples

Constitutive Document

1 Charter of the United Nations art 51.


2 Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, GA Res 56/83, UN Doc A/RES/56/83 (28 January 2002, adopted 12 December 2001) annex ('Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts') art 4(2).

Draft Resolution

3 Draft Resolution - International Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, UN Doc A/C.4/62/L.2 (14 November 2007).

Economic and Social Committee Decision

4 Basic Program of Work of the Economic and Social Council for 2001, ESC Dec 2001/203, UN ESCOR, 3rd plen mtg, Supp No 1, UN Doc E/2000/99 (4 February 2000).

General Assembly Resolution

5 Prevention of Armed Conflict, GA Res 57/337, UN Doc A/RES/57/337 (18 July 2003, adopted 3 July 2003).

Meeting Record

6 UN GAOR, 63rd sess, 55th plen mtg, UN Doc A/63/PV.55 (19 November 2008).

Report of Principal Organ

7 Report of the Economic and Social Council for 2005, UN Doc A/60/3/Rev.1 (11 July 2007).

Report of Treaty Committee

8 Human Rights Council, Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Central African Republic, UN Doc A/HRC/12/2 (4 June 2009).

Secretariat Document

9 Secretary-General's Bulletin — Organization of the Office of Central Support Services, UN Doc ST/SGB/1998/11 (1 June 1998).

Secretary-General's Report

10 In Larger Freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All — Report of the Secretary-General, UN Doc A/59/2005 (21 March 2005).

Security Council Resolution

11 SC Res 827, UN Doc S/RES/827 (25 May 1993).

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, UN material, and web pages.