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AGLC - Referencing Guide

Newspaper Articles

Rule 7.11 Newspaper Articles

 Author , ' Title ',  Newspaper  ( Place of Publication ,  Full Date )  Pinpoint .

 Omit the author for unsigned articles

 For editorials, replace the author's name with 'Editorial'

Include 'The' where it appears in the newspaper's masthead

Include the named section of a newspaper (eg 'Sport') if the newspaper is not consecutively paginated

 Section ,  Newspaper 

 Include the edition information if more than one is printed on a given date

Place of publication is the city where the newspaper's headquarters are based

 Include the URL after the full date for online newspapers

Rule 7.11.4 Unsigned and Untitled Articles and Editorials

 Do not include author for unsigned articles

 Replace title with description of the piece

 For editorials, replace author's name with Editorial

 No not enclose description in quotation marks


Standard format for footnotes

Newspaper article - online:

   AA Article Author , ' Article Title  Newspaper Title  (online,  Full Date )  Pinpoint  < URL >.


Newspaper article - print:

   AA Article Author , ' Article Title  Newspaper Title  ( Place of Publication ,  Full Date )  Pinpoint .


Standard format for bibliography

Newspaper article - online:

   Article Author, AA , ' Article Title  Newspaper Title  (online,  Full Date 


Newspaper article - print:

   Article Author, AA , ' Article Title  Newspaper Title  ( Place of Publication ,  Full Date )

Footnote Examples

Newspaper articles - online

1 Farrah Tomazin, 'Kinder Wages Breakthrough', The Age (online, 19 May 2009) <>.

Newspaper articles - no author

2 'Fury at WA Council Plan', The Australian Financial Review (Sydney, 1 May 2006) 5.

3 Editorial, 'Medicare by Name, No Longer by Nature', News, The Age (Melbourne, 12 March 2004) 12.

Newspaper articles - no title

4 Rose Healy, Letter to the Editor, The Herald Sun (Melbourne, 10 June 2002) 16.

Newspaper articles - print

5 Stephanie Peatling, 'Female Chief Justice Rewrites the Script', The Age (Melbourne, 31 January 2017) 6.

6 Abigail Hunter, 'He Stole My Son, Now I'm Alone in Hell', Times2, The Times (London, 3 December 2009) 3.

Periodicals, Newsletters and Magazines

7 Jill Lepore, 'The History Test' (27 March 2017) The New Yorker 66.

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, and web pages.