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AGLC - Referencing Guide


Rule 3.9.1 Gazettes

  Include the Notice author and title where multiple notices appear in the same gazette or on the same page.

 Jurisdiction ,  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date,  Pinpoint .

If Multiple notices appear in the same gazette or on the same page then include the author and title of notice if available.

 Author , ' Title of Notice ' in  Jurisdiction ,  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date,  Starting Page ,  Pinpoint .


Standard format for footnote


   Jurisdiction ,  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date ,  Pinpoint  < URL >.


Gazette Notice:

   AA Author ,  'Notice Title'  in  Jurisdiction  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date ,  Starting Page ,  Pinpoint  < URL >.


Standard format for bibliography


   Jurisdiction ,  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date 


Gazette Notice:

   Author, AA ,  'Notice Title'  in  Jurisdiction  Gazette Title , No  Gazette Number ,  Full Date 


Footnote Examples

1 Commonwealth, Gazette: Special, No S 489, 1 December 2004.

2 'Australian Capital Territory Teaching Service' in Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Gazette, No 1, 24 May 1989, 3. 

3 Minister for Lands (WA), 'Land Acquisition and Public Works Act 1902 — Native Title Act 1993 (Commonwealth) — Notice of Intention to Take Land for Public Work' in Western Australia, Western Australian Government Gazette, No 27, 18 February 1997, 1142, 1143.

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, gazettes, and web pages.