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Legal Citation

Explanatory Memoranda

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Read this guide in conjunction with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

Legislation Databases

Legify - A free tool that locates and links to the authoritative version of Australian legislation and delegated legislation.

Western Australian Legislation - Western Australian Legislation Database, includes links to Bills and other parliamentary documents.

Federal Register of Legislation - Commonwealth Legislation Database, includes legislative material from the non self-governing territories and Bills and other parliamentary documents including Government Gazettes.

Commonwealth Bills and Legislation Information - Parliament of Australia website, offers searching, browsing, information on proposed legislation and alert services.

LawNow Legislation - Database of current national legislation for all Australian Federal, State and Territory Jurisdictions. Includes related materials and links to judicial consideration (case law) of legislation and/or sections. From Lexis Advance.

Lawlex - Subject index and links to Australian legislative materials, includes links to Bills and Hansard.

Federal Statutes Annotations - From Lexis Advance.

Law Quick Guides

Citing Explanatory Memoranda

The essence of citing an explanatory memorandum for a Bill is:

Explanatory Memorandum + citation of Bill + pinpoint.



The Explanatory Memorandum for a Bill is cited the same as the Bill, prefixed with the term 'Explanatory Memorandum' as in the example above (AGLC rule 3.7).


Activity indicator1. How would you cite the explanatory memorandum for the Commonwealth Bill, Custom Amendment (Smuggling Tobacco) Bill 2012, in accordance with the requirements of AGLC?

a. Explanatory Memorandum, Custom Amendment (Smuggling Tobacco) Bill 2012.
b. Explanatory Memorandum, Custom Amendment (Smuggling Tobacco) Bill 2012 (Cth).
c. Custom Amendment (Smuggling Tobacco) Bill 2012(Cth), Explanatory Memorandum.
d. Explanatory Memorandum, Custom Amendment (Smuggling Tobacco) Bill 2012 (Cth).