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Chicago - Referencing Guide

Legal Materials


If citing legal material sourced online, a full internet address should be included.

When citing unreported cases, the year should be enclosed in square brackets.

When citing legislation, the jurisdiction should be enclosed in round brackets.

 Source commencement / in force date from the Act to indicate which version is referenced

When citing Hansard, If the speaker holds a position within a ministry or shadow ministry that is particularly relevant, this can be included in the citation.

Source all Australia legislation (Acts) using Legify

 Source Commonwealth Bills from the Federal Register of Legislation

Source State Bills from the Parliament links on the Federal Register of Legislation for each State

Source cases from Jade (free registration using your student email) or AustLII

How to Source Permanent / Shareable URLs for works sourced from subscription databases


Standard format for citation

Reported case:

Parties Names. Year. Volume (if any) Series Abbreviation Starting Page Number. Internet address, if applicable.


Unreported case:

Parties Names. [Year]. Unique Court Identifier Judgment Number. Date, Starting Page Number. Internet address, if applicable.



Title Year (Jurisdiction). Commencement Date. Internet address, if applicable.



Jurisdiction. House. Year. Parliamentary Debates. Date, Starting Page. Speaker, Relevant Position Title, if applicable. Internet address, if applicable.


Reported case

Coleman v Richards. 1941. 43 WALR 21.

Unreported case

KJS v The Queen. [2016]. WASC 14, 30.

Legislation: Commonwealth

Domicile Act 1982 (Cth). January 25 2019.

Legislation: State

Dog Act 1976 (WA). August 27, 2022.

Hansard: Commonwealth

Australia. House of Representatives. 2016. Parliamentary Debates. February 29, 2361. Clare O’Neil.

Hansard: State

Western Australia. Legislative Council. 2016. Parliamentary Debates. February 25, 821. Col Holt, Minister for Housing.$File/C39%20S1%2020160225%20All.pdf.

See the All Examples page for examples of in-text and reference list entries for specific resources such as articles, books, legal materials and web pages.