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Chicago - Referencing Guide

A-V Materials


Standard format for citation

Performer or Presenter, A. Year. Title: Subtitle. Special credits. Place of Production: Production Company. Format, Duration.


Standard format for recording citation

Performer or Presenter, A. Year. "Title of Episode," Season #, episode # (if applicable). Title of Programme.Special credits. Aired or Recorded on Month Day, Year, on Network (if appropriate), duration.


Standard format for YouTube/Vimeo video citation

Author, A. A. OR Screen name. Year. "Title of Video." Uploaded on Month, Day, Year. YouTube OR Vimeo video, Duration. Internet address of specific video.


Note: A performer or presenter is only given principal credit if they are the focus of the recording.


Moore, Michael. 2003. Bowling for Columbine. Written and directed by Michael Moore. Melbourne: AV Channel. DVD, 120 min.

Radio programme

Browning, Daniel. 2006. "Black Soccer Heroes." Message Stick. Guest speaker Dr. John Maynard. Aired on June 9, 2006 on ABC Radio, 4:25 min.

Sound recordings

Bolton, G. C. 1975. "Towards an Australian Environmental History" (speech). Perth, WA: Media Services, Murdoch University. Cassette recording, 50 min.

St. Laurance Chamber Choir. 2005. Commemoration, Ritual and Performance: The Iberian Connection: Medieval and Renaissance Music from the St Laurence Chamber Choir.  Directed by N. McEwan. Sydney, NSW: Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Sydney. Compact disc, 45: 24 min.

Television programme

Masters, Chris. 2006. "Big Fish, Little Fish." Four Corners. Aired on March 27, 2006 on ABC Television, 45 min.

Video recording

Attenborough, David. 1990. Life on Earth: A Natural History. Produced by Richard Brock and John Sparks. US: Warner Home Video. Videorecording (VHS), 2 videocassettes, 233 min. each.


Bunny, F. 1995. Biology and ecology of Phytophthora citricola. In Native Plant Communities Affected By Mining.  East Perth, WA: MERIWAmicrofiche.

YouTube/Vimeo video

NRK. 2007. "Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles." Uploaded on February 26, 2007. YouTube video, 2:44 min.