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EndNote 20 Guide

Formatted bibliography

Why use a formatted bibliography?

EndNote is designed to work with Cite While You Write (CWYW), so why should you use a formatted bibliography?

There are a few reasons why you might use a formatted bibliography instead.

  • Your paper is short and only contains a few (< 10-15) references;
  • A formatted bibliography is part of the Word document and not linked to EndNote so can be edited just like normal text;
  • You are not using Word, but your references are in EndNote;
  • CWYW / your Word toolbar is not working.


How to create a formatted bibliography

If you have written your paper and inserted in text citations manually (even though you have saved the references in your EndNote library) you can still use EndNote to compile your reference list.

Note: it is not recommended to use a mix of manually inserted in text citations and EndNote inserted in text citations - use one or the other to avoid confusion.

Follow these simple steps to set up your formatted bibliography:

  • Write your essay/paper, and manually insert any in text citations.
  • When you have finished writing, go to your EndNote library and select the references you have used in your essay (to choose multiple references, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard as you click on each reference).
  • Click on Edit, then Copy Formatted (CTRL-K) or right click - Copy Formatted
  • Back in Word, paste (CTRL+V) the bibliography/reference list into Word.

If you wish to use this method for your essay, it is a good idea to manage the relevant citations by adding them to a custom group in EndNote as you write. That way when you're finished, you can just select all the references in that group to use in your Formatted Bibliography.


This page has been adapted from the Notre Dame University Library LibGuide