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EndNote 20 Guide

Sharing & Collaboration

Advanced EndNote - Sharing and Collaboration (recorded 1st October 2021)

Sharing and collaborating with EndNote

EndNote can be a great tool for sharing references with colleagues, research groups and for national and international collaboration.

  • Sharing is allowing others to access and copy your references, but not to edit them. 
  • Collaborating is allowing others to access, use, edit and remove references. 

While sharing your entire desktop library with other EndNote users has been possible since Version X7.2.

To share or collaborate using EndNote, you and all your colleagues will need:

  • EndNote X7.2 or later loaded onto to the desktop (Note: X7.2 will allow sharing with up to 14 colleagues; later versions increase this limit to 100)
  • an EndNote Online account (note: unless you are sharing or collaborating with your whole library - in this case, you will need EndNote Online but your colleagues won't)
  • an email account

How it works:

  • You can share with anyone using EndNote X7.2, X8, X9 and 20.
  • Share your entire EndNote library, including references, PDFs, and annotations, or just specific groups
  • You can assign read-only or read-and-write access to different users
  • Everyone can add to, annotate and use the library at the same time
  • Review the activity of the changes your collaborators are making
  • There’s no charge for sharing, no library size limit and no charge for unlimited cloud storage