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My Unit Readings: Guide for Teaching Staff

Adding textbook information

How to add textbook information

My Unit Readings the source of truth for essential and recommended textbooks. Students will use My Unit Readings to gather details on textbooks they require for their unit. Unit coordinators are required to keep textbook information up to date in their reading lists to ensure students purchase the correct textbook for their unit.

There are two ways to add textbook information to a reading list

  1. Request changes to your reading list
    Complete our My Unit Readings form with the details of each textbook, including title, ISBN, edition/year and whether it is required or recommended.
  2. Add textbook information yourself
    Use 'Set importance' when editing your bookmark to assign importance, selecting either 'Essential textbook' or 'Recommended textbook'. See 'Creating your list' for detailed instructions on list creation, adding sections and bookmarks and setting importance.

How students can access or purchase textbooks

The Library provides access to many textbooks as ebooks or print copies.

However, students can choose to either purchase textbooks using The School Locker (our new University textbook partner) or get access via Perlego (a paid subscription based service). If items are available via either of these methods, links are provided against the item on unit reading lists in My Unit Readings.

Alternatively, students are free to use a variety of other textbook suppliers to purchase textbooks independently. 

Students may contact unit coordinators directly to confirm textbook details before they purchase.

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