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Self Paced Lesson - Migration - Legal Citation - Subject Guide

1: Legal Citation Overview

Migration Practitioners' Legal Citation Lesson

Work your way through this Migration Agents Legal Citation Lesson in preparation for your Research Tests that form part of your LLM520 Legal Skills for Migration Practitioners assessment.

Step 1:
Complete the Self Paced Lesson to prepare for the Research Test.
Make sure that you read through this carefully as there is a lot of useful information contained in these pages.
Included within the Lesson are self-test questions to help you test your understanding and competency.

Step 2:
Complete the Sample Research Test. 

Step 3:
Complete the Assessment Research Test.

If you have any queries about this Online Lesson or the Research Test, please contact the Research Skills Lecturer  Lisa Van Toor (

Why reference?

  • Assists you to avoid plagiarism (stealing another's ideas or words)
    All legislation, cases, books, articles and other information sources used in your work must be referenced
  • Enables other researchers to locate your sources
    Ensure efficient and accurate location of sources of law with references that are:
    • clear
    • concise
    • consistent
  • Demonstrates the depth and the breadth of your research and reading
  • Supports and strengthens your argument
    The reader can determine whether the sources you have used support your argument.

Citation is an essential part of writing at university.
Legal Citation is an integral component when working within the legal system, including being a Migration Agent.

This Legal Citation Lesson focuses on the citation of legislative and policy documents - key sources of legal information for Migration Agents.
For information on how to cite other forms of material such as case law, books and journals please see the General Legal Citation Lesson, or the AGLC Referencing Guide.

This lesson takes you through the process of learning how to use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation to recognise and construct citations for the assignments you will submit in the Murdoch University School of Law.
Make sure you have a look at Part 1 - General Rules of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.
This Part sets out important general rules for citation including guidance on when and how to footnote.

We will cover some of this but it is necessary for you to be familiar with the guide itself.


Australian Guide to Legal Citation:

Murdoch University School of Law follows the footnote citation style - the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed) (AGLC) .

The AGLC is a very detailed document.
The purpose of this Lesson is to introduce you to the AGLC, highlighting important features you will need to become familiar with for your Migration Agent research and study.
The notes contained in this Lesson are not exhaustive
You will need to refer frequently to the AGLC for further elaboration.
You can access a free .PDF copy of the AGLC or purchase your own copy.

You will refer to the AGLC regularly throughout your studies and worklife.

Bookmark or save to Favorites the AGLC Referencing Guide for ease of access.