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Self Paced Lesson - Case Law - Subject Guide


Case Law Lesson

This Case Law lesson is tailored for students in BJU100 Australian Legal System.

Complete this Lesson in preparation for your Research Test that forms part of your assessment for your unit.

Once you have completed this lesson, move to your Unit in LMS and complete the Sample Research Test.
Once you are happy with your level of understanding, complete the Assessment Research Test.


There are many methods and strategies for sourcing legal materials.

Those demonstrated in the Self Paced Lesson will give you experience with searching and sourcing material using the legal databases.

You may find other methods and strategies more suited to your research style - there is no one fixed method or strategy.

Be brave; be curious - try different search paths if they seem better.

The main learning outcome is that you become familiar with the resources for legal research, as you will use these throughout your studies, and in the workforce.


Law Subject Guide

Before You Start the Lesson!

Lexis Advance Access Issues

Familiarise yourself with the Law Subject Guide.
(This Lesson is part of the Law Subject Guide.)

The Law Subject Guide has links to:

  • legal databases (that you will use throughout this Lesson)
  • database help
  • step-by-step- instructions for sourcing legal material
  • study and research tools


Click on the LAW HOME tab above to start your familiarisation journey:

Save to Favorites or Bookmark the Law Subject Guide - you will be visiting this invaluable resource constantly!






Be sure to attend the free webinars to learn how to use the two main subscription legal databases for Australian law:

Register using your Murdoch student email address as attendance lists are kept

You are encouraged to attend other relevant webinars.



Can't Make It To A Webinar?

Lexis Training Videos 

Westlaw Training Videos 

If you do not attend training sessions, you will be up a creek without a paddle!
You NEED to know how to search legal databases!

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If you experience access issues with Lexis Advance, delete the cookies from your Internet browser.

If access issues persist:

Step 1Open an Internet browser other than Chrome (e.g. Brave, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) 

Step 2.  Paste the URL for the Library's database launch page into the different browser

Step 3.  Select the database link below the View Online heading on the launch page to access the database

Step 4.  If this solves your access issue, clear the cookies from the problem browser

Step 5.   If this does not give access to Lexis Advance, take a screen shot of the problem browser's error message, including the URL, and send this to the Library.


If you have any queries about this Self Paced Lesson or the Research Test, please contact the Research Skills Lecturer  Lisa Van Toor (