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Free Legal Webinars

Topic: A practical guide to Interim Family Law Proceedings in 2018

When:  10am - 10:45am Thursday 21 June

Presenter: Michele Brooks, Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers East

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About the session:

This webinar will give you a practical guide to initiating and running interim family law proceedings in the FCC, in light of Practice Direction number 2 of 2017, which came into force as of 1 January 2018. The webinar will cover such topics as: 

  • the objects of the FCC and the obligations of parties and practitioners; 
  • the new “10 page affidavit” rule - practical implications, limitations and exceptions; 
  • the new “maximum 5 Annexure” rule - deciding what is important to annex and why; 
  • the new “48 hour” filing rule, short service and costs - how to avoid problems; 
  • tips for drafting streamlined affidavits which comply with both the rules of evidence and the new practice direction; 
  • conduct of interim hearings and the general powers of the Federal Circuit Court; 
  • how to improve the chances of your client’s interim application proceeding as smoothly and as successfully as possible; 
  • the importance of precise drafting of Application and Response documents; 
  • non-compliance - what happens when things go wrong? 


Topic: Industrial manslaughter: Regulators get serious about jail time for safety offences

When:  10am - 10:30am Tuesday 26 June

Presenter: Cormack Dunn, Partner, Dentons

Register Now - be sure to use your Murdoch student/staff email address so your Murdoch affiliation is recognisable.

About the session:

In October last year, Queensland became the first Australian state to introduce the offence of industrial manslaughter. Any person convicted will go to jail for up to 20 years and any company will be fined up to $10 million. While the ACT had already introduced this offence, this action by Queensland has now caused NSW, VIC and SA to seriously consider introducing the same. 

This offence has been introduced to scare into action company directors and executives, and reflects a growing impatience by regulators with complacency toward workplace safety and, in particular, an ongoing acceptance that deaths at the workplace are unavoidable. 

In this webinar, Cormack Dunn, Partner, Dentons will discuss the ramifications this ground-breaking change will have on attitudes towards workplace safety and what can be done by executives, safety professionals and lawyers to better protect themselves and their company. 



Types of Legal Materials

Primary legal materials are the written records of the law

  • Legislation
  • Cases 

Secondary legal materials are those materials which are ABOUT the law:

  • Extrinsic legal materials which are documents, defined within a jurisdiction's Interpretation Act, that can be used in court to interpret the meaning and intent of legislation.  These usually consist of Parliamentary debates (Hansard) and Law Reform documents.
  • Books, journals and commentaries which discuss the law
  • Reference tools which help find the law (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, guides and directories).

Need legal advice?

SCALES - Southern Communities Advocacy Legal and Education Service Inc.

See the Self Represented Litigants - Free Resources Research Topic Guide

Research Support

Researchers at Murdoch University are supported by the Library and the Division of Research and Development.

Use our Supporting Research at Murdoch Guide to discover the Library's services for Graduate Research students and other researchers.

Please contact Debra Smith to make an appointment for advice on research strategies, resources and tools specific to your area of research - this service is especially for staff, graduate research and honours students.


Murdoch Law Library

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Debra Smith
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Please be sure to visit the Law Library Help Desk in the first instance.

If your query cannot be answered by the LLHD Staff, please book an appointment.

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Law Library Help Desk

Semester hours:

Monday: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

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The Law Library Help Desk is located in the Murdoch University Law Library - South Wing Level 3 of the South Street Campus Library.

It is staffed by senior law students who are there to assist with your Library Research Tests and with legal research queries.

Note: The Law Library Help Desk is unstaffed during non-teaching weeks.
For assistance during these weeks, please complete a Murdoch Support request.

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