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Self Paced Lesson - Legal Citation - Subject Guide: EndNote


Endnote is reference management software application you can use to manage references as you write documents.
Learning to use Endnote requires a medium to high time investment – but it will be worth it.

‚ÄčEndNote can help you:

  • collect and organise references to resources, such as journal articles, books and images
  • add citations to your documents
  • create bibliographies

The Catch: EndNote does not automatically generate references that comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.
You will need to make the modification in Step 2 to make this happen for you.


Step 1:  Download EndNote

For Murdoch University staff and students only - you will be asked to login with your Murdoch login details.

View system requirements


Step 2: Download the Legal Reference Type

You will need to download a file from the UTS Library website which will automatically set up a Legal reference type that complies with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation Rules.

First, be sure to use Mozilla Firefox as your Internet browser - EndNote works best in this.

Then follow the instructions on the University Technology Sydney's EndNote for Law Installation page.


Step 3: Learn how to use EndNote

Once you have downloaded EndNote and the Legal Reference Type, you can access:

  • EndNote Guide with instructions and tutorials for using EndNote in general


Inserting footnotes into your Word document:

'Footnote' referencing styles do not automatically create footnotes in your Word document.
You will need to do a two step process where you insert a footnote in Word then insert the EndNote citation into the footnote.
This will place a reference number in your text and the numbered, formatted reference at the bottom of your page.

Example process:

  1. Open your EndNote library
    Select the citation to be inserted
  2. In the Word document, place the cursor where the reference is to be inserted
    Select the References tab
    Select Insert Footnote
  3. Place your cursor in the footnote at the bottom of the page
    Select the EndNote tab
    Check that the selected Bibliography style is AGLC 
  4. Select Insert Selected Citation 
  5. To add a pinpoint reference
    Place your cursor in the footnote reference at the bottom of the page
    Select Edit & Manage Citation(s)
    Add the page number in the Pages text box; OK

Your footnotes should appear at the bottom of each page, as well as in the bibliography at the end of your document.