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Self Paced Lesson - Legal Citation - Subject Guide

Lesson Conclusion



This concludes the Legal Citation Lesson.

Read this lesson in conjunction with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed, 2018), to obtain a basic understanding in the construction of legal citation. 

Keep a copy of the AGLC and expect to consult it regularly in the course of your studies and beyond.


Research Test

Murdoch University students enrolled in BJU100 have a Research Test associated with this Lesson. 

To access the Research Test, return to your unit page on the LMS.
Look for the link to the Research Test, this will be located in the week that the Test opens (check your unit guide for details).
You have access to the Sample Research Test 1: Citation, which is designed to give you some practice with the format of the online exercise and to appreciate the types of question you will be asked in the Assessment Research Test 1: Citation.

Please note:  The Sample Research Test is not part of your assessment for your unit, but is provided for you to prepare for the assessment.
You will not receive any marks towards your assessment by completing this Sample Research Test

Once you have read through the Lesson information provided here and attempted the Sample Research Test 1: Citation, you are ready to attempt the Assessment Research Test 1: Citation, which appears on your unit page on the LMS.

Should you have any further questions regarding this assessment, please contact the Research Skills Lecturer  Lisa Van Toor (