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Information about theses and dissertations at Murdoch University and beyond


This guide is designed to help Murdoch University students and staff find, research, write, document, bind, submit and manage copyright issues for higher degree theses.

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Research and Development

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Murdoch University Theses Collection

A print copy of every thesis (PhD, MPhil and Professional doctorate theses) submitted to the Library is held in the Library’s Special Collections. A second copy of theses submitted up to the end of 2002, are held in the general collection and are available for loan.

From the beginning of 2003 theses were required to be submitted in print and electronic format. The electronic theses were originally stored within the ADT program and now within the Murdoch Research Repository.

Theses binding relocated to Enquiry & Loans Desk

Thesis Binding relocated to the Enquiry and Loans Desk effective 30 September 2013
The Library provides a thesis binding service for staff and students of Murdoch University. Following successful examination of the thesis, you must provide one electronic copy and one bound (print) copy along with the deposit agreement to the Enquiry and Loans Desk at South St Library.
Please contact staff at the Enquiry and Loans Desk on North Wing Level 3 or via email Loans or phone 9360 2563.

Theses at Murdoch

Rules and Regulations

Graduate Research Degrees Regulations


  • Eligibility for admission
  • Admission of candidates
  • Supervision
  • Enrolment
  • Program of Study
  • Progress Reports
  • Thesis Submission
  • Thesis Examination
  • Dictionary

Digitizing Your Print Thesis

Subject to University policy, Murdoch University Library may be able to place a digitized copy of your thesis in our Research Repository.

Search Trove

ADT to Cease

The Australasian Digital Theses Program created an online, openly accessible, free database of digital theses, produced by the graduate research students at Australian (and later new Zealand) universities. The ADT ceased operation in 2011. Digital theses are now available from university institutional repositories and Trove.

Essential Reading

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