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BIO103 - Unit Guide


Searching the Scientific Literature


In the BIO103 lecture on Scientific Method, you learned that publication is essential in science. How can you search the scientific literature to find the specific information you need? More particularly, how can you find information relevant to your assignments in BIO103 and other units?

There are five self-paced exercises to help you begin your research - each of them contains information which you need to read. These exercises give you hands on experience in finding biology and biological science resources.

Tip! You may find it helpful to keep two browser tabs open when doing the exercises – a tab with the exercise instructions and a second tab where you step through the exercises.. You may find that this makes it easier to follow the exercise instructions.

Out of the five steps of the assignment research process, only steps 1, 2 & 3 are covered in these exercises - the steps relevant to searching the scientific literature and finding information.

You can use the tabs at the top of this guide or internal links to move through the exercises. 

There are also five quizzes to test your learning. These quizzes are for self-assessment only.


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