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Theses: Writing Your Thesis

Information about theses and dissertations at Murdoch University and beyond

The Great Program

The Great Program includes

  • academic writing
  • clear and logical argument
  • research skills including using databases
  • conference presentations
  • statistics
  • computer applications
  • managing a research degree


“...there is no such thing as good writing. There is only good rewriting.”

BRANDEIS, Louis D., in Pierce, George W., “The Legal Profession”, The Torch, Vol. XXX (No.

2), April, 1957, p. 8.

The secret of writing well is to know thoroughly what one writes about, and not to be affected

Ascribed to Alexander Pope in Spence, Joseph, Anecdotes, 1820 (c. 1740).


From Quote it completely!

Managing Your Information

EndNote is personal bibliographic management software that;

  • stores citations and references
  • allows you to insert references and automatically create reference lists
  • can download citation details in a range of databases
  • Available free to Murdoch staff and students


Referencing contains an exhaustive list of reference styles and example.

How to cite theses in the APA style.

How to cite theses  in the MLA style.