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Publishing Research - Research Guide


Publishing Research

This guide provides information on quality practices that should be considered when determining the most appropriate method for publishing your research.

Relevant formats and publications will vary depending on your area of research, but the integrity and quality of publishers and publications should always be important criteria when choosing where to publish.

Before Submitting Your Manuscript

There are several things you need to consider before submitting your research for publication:

  • Determine the intended readership for your research
  • Choose the publication format that is the most appropriate for your area of research – this may be a journal, book, conference paper or other media
  • Develop a strategy that takes into consideration the pros and cons of each format
  • Think carefully about which publishers and publications are best suited to your research and intended audience
  • Consider using placement tools to identify the publications which most closely fit your area of research
  • Evaluate the quality and integrity of potential publishers and publications
  • Consider the role of impact metrics in determining where to publish
  • Consider the possible advantages and costs of Open Access publications
  • Consider the impact of the following constraints:
    • A manuscript may only be submitted to one publication at any time
    • Acceptance rate for submissions can vary greatly between publications
    • The peer review process takes time and may require your manuscript to be reworked
    • Turnaround time for some publications may result in a long interval until publication
  • Make sure the publication you choose meets the requirements of assessment processes such as HERDC (Higher Education Research Data Collection) and ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia)
  • Carefully follow any instructions to authors provided by the publisher or publication

Research Support

Researchers at Murdoch University are supported by the Library and the Research and Innovation Office.

Ask our Librarians for advice on publishing your research and our Copyright Coordinator for copyright advice.