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Systematic Reviews - Research Guide

Library Support

Systematic review consultations

Murdoch University Library provides one-to-one consultations to support Murdoch University students and staff undertaking systematic reviews.

Contact the Library for advice on locating systematic reviews, formulating search strategies, selecting and using appropriate databases, and conducting a systematic review.

When booking the initial consultation with the librarian, please provide the following:

  • Research question and protocol (PICO/PICo)
  • Initial search strategy
  • List of databases you have run your initial searches (and results)
  • Set of key papers expected to be included in the review.

This will allow the librarian to prepare and advise you more effectively.

Library support

What assistance can the librarian provide?
  Student Academic*
Maximum number of research consultations provided Two Three
Guidance on the systematic review process and formulation of research questions Yes Yes
Advice on locating systematic reviews and other resources Yes Yes
Assistance with selection and use of databases Yes Yes
Review and provide general feedback on search strategies Yes Yes
Instruction on use of EndNote and other research software Yes Yes
Identifying appropriate databases and grey literatures sources No Yes
Developing or refining research questions No Yes
Formulating search strategies No Yes
Managing search results No Yes
Executing, documenting and updating searches No Yes


*Requires formal acknowledgement of the librarian or the University Library's contribution. The specific activities undertaken will depend on the expected level of participation, by agreement.