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Systematic Reviews - Research Guide

Conducting a Systematic Review

The Systematic Review Process

Conducting a systematic review will require you to follow this process:


  1. Starting a Systematic Review

  • Check existing reviews/protocols - ensure proposed study is unique    


  2. Developing your Clinical Question

  • Develop a specific question so your search will be relevant - use PICO or PICo
  • Devise a protocol - determine the inclusion/exclusion and eligibility criteria for further studies


  3. Finding the Literature

  • Conduct a comprehensive search - your search strategy must be explicit and reproducible


  4. Appraising your Results

  • Select studies against eligibility criteria - follow your protocol
  • Appraise studies - assess risk of bias in each study
  • Extract relevant data for analysis


  5. Documenting your Review

  • Document the search process
  • Prepare a comprehensive report on all of the steps of your systematic review and present results   


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