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Murdoch University eBook Guide


About VitalSource

VitalSource offers a multidisciplinary selection of eBooks.

Most VitalSource titles are used as prescribed or recommended textbooks for Murdoch units. Due to their high demand, publishers impose limits on the number of users who can access each eBook at a time.

The link to each eBook takes you to the VitalSource landing page, available loan time is displayed on each eBook cover. Click the Borrow button to create a loan.

Number of copies is shown on the next screen. If a copy is available for loan, a green available icon will display above the number of available copies. If all copies are on loan, check back later. 


Borrowed eBooks appear in your Library through the pop up or Library tab

Once you have finished reading, return the eBook so that others can access it. The eBook will automatically return itself after the loan time has elapsed.


The VitalSource Bookshelf app is required to download an entire eBook. VitalSource Bookshelf is available on all Murdoch PCs or can be downloaded for free onto your own device.

Printing and copying allowances

Users may copy or print a reasonable amount of the Licensed Materials, for research, education or other non-commercial use

Limited User eBooks

Books with limited users allow only a certain number of users to view the ebook at the same time. Most of our limited-user ebooks allow either one or three simultaneous users.

If the book is in use by the maximum number of simultaneous users, you will see a message stating that all available copies of the book are currently in use.

VitalSource Support

The VitalSource Support site contains further information on how to use VitalSource eBooks.