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Veterinary Medicine - Subject Guide

Vet Library FAQs

Vet Library and Learning Common FAQs

Where is the Vet Library and Learning Common?

The Veterinary Library is located on the South St Campus, Veterinary Clinical Sciences Building (260), Level 2, Room 2.14. The Veterinary Library consists of two spaces - the Learning Common (Room 2.14), which includes space for collaborative study and computers for accessing electronic library resources, and the Library (Room 2.10), which includes the Veterinary print collection and space for quiet individual study.

When is the Vet Library open?

The Veterinary Library is open 24 hours. Access is limited to current Murdoch University Veterinary Science students and staff outside normal building opening hours (7:00 am - 6:00 pm weekdays). Use Murdoch ID card for swipe access.

How do I borrow?

The Veterinary Library is self service. Use the self check machine to borrow, return and renew your items.

What can I borrow?

  • Books
  • Pamphlets
  • Z (oversized) books
  • High Demand Collection items (2 hour loan during day or overnight loan)

For how long?

  • Undergraduates - 12 weeks
  • Postgraduates - until end of semester
  • Honours - until end of semester
  • Staff - until end of semester

What can't I borrow?

  • Reference books
  • Journals
  • Radiographs (these are the property of the School, not the Library)

What is the High Demand Collection and My Unit Readings?

The High Demand Collection is composed of library materials that unit coordinators require to be readily available for all students. You will find them listed by unit name or unit coordinator in My Unit Readings. 

The Vet High Demand Collection is kept inside the Vet Library. High Demand materials have restricted loan rules and only 2 items may be borrowed at one time.

During the day, High Demand items may be borrowed for 2 hours only - they may be renewed. If High Demand items are borrowed after 4:00 pm, the items may be borrowed overnight. Overnight loans of High Demand books must be returned the next morning - before 9:00 am Monday - Friday and before 11:00am on Saturday and Sunday. Fines of $3/hour accrue for overdue High Demand items.

My Unit Readings lists all of the required readings for a unit. You can find this material using the link to My Unit Readings from the University Library's homepage. These readings are available to Murdoch staff and students only - you will need your Murdoch ID to access them.

Can I use my laptop?

Yes, the Vet Library is wireless enabled.

Can I print/photocopy?

There are photocopiers and a print station in the Learning Common, together with an autoloader for adding value to your card. Note that you will need to visit the Geoffrey Bolton Library to add to your internet quota account.

Where can I watch a video/DVD or view Xrays?

There are video/DVD players located in the Library and x-ray viewers located in the Learning Common.

Can I get help with searching?

Please contact the Librarian for the School of Veterinary Medicine via the Ask our Librarians service.