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Library Systems Upgrade


A new and improved Library experience is coming

Murdoch University Library is excited to announce a major upgrade to our systems to improve searching and accessing our online and print resources.

We’re upgrading our Library management system and discovery search tool, which will result in a better experience when using Library Search, more streamlined requesting, and improved access to resources including databases.

What will be changing?

The Library management system will be upgraded to a more modern and flexible system, allowing us to improve and streamline many processes behind the scenes. Additionally, our new search tool Library Search, will provide a better experience and will become a single point to search and access our collections and resources.  

After the upgrade, you can expect:

  • a more modern Library Search experience,
  • faster access (less clicks!) to online resources with more details provided upfront within Library Search,
  • more streamlined requesting of items in our collection, and from other libraries,
  • an improved MyLibrary experience, better integrated in Library Search,
  • less login prompts when accessing resources and services.


Preview of the new Library Search

Why make these changes?

These important upgrades will provide a better experience for everyone who uses our online resources and services and will help streamline and improve many processes behind the scenes.  

The new Library Search interface provides better functionality options, a more streamlined and cohesive experience and keeps Murdoch up to date with our academic libraries in Australia and around the world.

When using Library Search, you’ll be able to get more detailed information about resources without clicking away, so the experience will be more cohesive across all our print and online collections. Additionally, the new system allows us to improve accessibility of resources meaning less clicks!

Behind the scenes, the system upgrade provides a better framework for our key processes, more automation and integration with other university systems. This will help streamline workflows, improve processes between our internal teams and the quality and breadth of services we offer.


Timeline for change

The upgrade project has already commenced, however the major changes to Library Search will take place in  13th December 2022.

The Library will keep you informed on any service changes and outages that may occur, via the Library website, student announcements, staff intranet, email and Murdoch Library Facebook.

Help and Support

Our helpful Library staff are on hand throughout this change to support you. We can help you online or in person:

  • Murdoch Support (Murdoch students and staff)
  • Call the Geoffrey Bolton Library 08 9360 2563
  • In person at the Library Help Desk during staffed hours

Your feedback

We welcome and encourage your suggestions, feedback and comments as we complete this major upgrade: