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Indigenous Australians & the Law

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General Australian Indigenous society texts are shelved at at 305.89915

Texts concerning Indigenous Australians and the law are shelved at 342.8720994

Texts on land law are shelved at 346.432

Texts include:

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Key Australian legislation relating to insurance law include:

Source legislation:

Case Law

Significant native title law cases:

Instructions for How to Source a Case

Australian Case Citators

  • Lexis Advance: Australian case law, links to some full-text.

  • Westlaw Australia:  Australian case law, links to some full-text.

  • AustLII: free full text access to Australian medium neutral citation versions and unreported judgments.

  • LawCite: a free, automatically generated Australian and international legal case and journal article citator.

  • Jade: free database and current awareness service of Australian case law

  • CCH IntelliConnect: includes a range of Australian decisions from a number of practice areas.

LawNow from Lexis Advance 

Use QuickFind to source sections of legislation,
then select to source related commentary or cases.