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Physics and Nanotechnology - Subject Guide

Websites, Statistics and Government Publications

Physics and Nanotechnology Websites

The Internet provides a vast range of resources in the physical and energy sciences. Listed below are some examples of sites which have useful information that would be relevant to the different topics studied in this area. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the available resources.




Statistics in print


Australian Opinion Polls 1941-1990: an index

Checklist of Nineteenth Century Australian Colonial Statistical Sources : Censuses, Blue Books and Statistical Registers (Miller) (1983)

Historical Microfiche Series: Statistical Publications Since Federation 1901-1984 (ABS) (1994)

Historical Statistics of Australia: a Select List of Official Sources (Finlayson) (1970)

International Statistics

Statistical Yearbook (Unesco) 1974-

Government Publications

The Australian Government Documents Collection includes works published by Commonwealth and State Government departments, statutory authorities and parliamentary bodies.

Murdoch University Library receives on deposit all materials published by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), and all Australian Bureau of Statistics publications related to Australia as a whole and Western Australia.

Look here for Government Publications from Australia.

Australian public policy and practice resources can also be identified via APO (Analysis & Policy Observatory), a not-for-profit, open access knowledge and evidence base.