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EndNote (EN) Guide

Getting started

Create a new library

The first time you use EndNote, you will need to create a library.

To create an EndNote library:

  • Click on File > New
  • On your own machines, you may want to:
    • Rename your Library (useful for sharing libraries), or
    • Choose a different folder if you prefer
  • Click Save.

This will create two files with the same name:

  • A library file (.enl)
  • A folder of data files (.data).

Both files need to be in the same location in order for EndNote to work correctly.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you keep all your references together in one EndNote Library to avoid problems when writing papers or moving files between computers. We will show you later how to organise references using Groups.

Customise your layout

If you prefer, you can rearrange the default view provided by EndNote:

  • To show or hide the Search menu click on Hide Search panel
  • To rearrange the screen, click on Layout in the bottom right hand corner

Set up preview pane

On the Preview tab of the Reference panel, you will be able to see how the reference would look like in a document, in the referencing style of your choice.

To select your required referencing style:

  • Select the appropriate style in the drop-down menu on the left of the toolbar
  • If the style you need is not available, click ‘Select Another Style…’
    • Select the style you want to add
    • Click Choose.

To see a preview of the reference in that style:

  • Click on the Preview tab (next to the Reference tab) in the Reference panel.