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Tourism and Hospitality Journals

What are journals?

Journals are collections of articles that are published on an ongoing basis in print or online. Journals report current research within a discipline.

Journal articles report specific aspects of the research covered by a journal.

Finding journals & articles

Find a journal

If you already know the name of the journal you are looking for, you can use:

It is important to use advanced search, as some journals have very generic names like "Nature". Performing a basic search will search for the keyword in all publications, not just journal titles.

Find a known journal article

If you know the full citation details for an article, try the following:

 Find articles on a topic

If you are searching for articles on a particular topic, there are a few different ways to find them:

Other resources

Peer-reviewed literature

  • Peer-reviewed journals (or refereed journals) contain articles which have been evaluated by researchers working within the disciplines covered by the journals.

Harvard Think Tank Search

  • a custom Google search of Think Tank web sites (institutions affiliated with universities, governments, advocacy groups, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and businesses that generate public policy research, analysis, and activity.

Google Scholar

  • See Library Apps for help to link Google Scholar results with Murdoch University Library. 


  • establish alerts for Tables of Content for latest editions (free)

Journal abbreviations