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Recommended Tourism and Events Management Websites

There are many online resources for Tourism and Events Management including online journals and statistical sources, industry links and websites of associations, organisations and tourism authorities, and sites relating to tourism law, national parks, ecotourism and sustainability:

Email Lists

Some email lists that you may be interesting in subscribing to are:

JISCmail - Tourism - JISCmail is a mailing list  aimed at academics and researchers working in all areas of tourism. This includes  the teaching of tourism at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level, and research into tourism and its related areas. For information on joining the list email TOURISM@JISCMAIL.AC.UK.


Evaluating websites

The Internet contains a huge amount of information and anyone can publish anything on the web. The credibility of your research rests on the credibility of the resources you have used to support your arguments.

EVALUATE your web resources carefully before including them in your research materials.

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