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APA - Referencing Guide



Standard format for citation

Artist, A. A. (Credit), & Artist, B. B. (Credit). (Year of copyright, Date of recording). Title of episode. Title of Programme: Subtitle [format]. Place of recording: Publisher. (Year of recording if different from year of copyright).  Retrieved from internet address



Robertson, R. (Speaker). (2010). Leadership at the bottom of the earth…where no one hears you scream, 2010 Sir Walter Murdoch lecture [Podcast]. Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University. Retrieved from

Podcast lecture from LMS

Hill, D. (Speaker). (2012, April 4). Australian media representation of Asia [Podcast lecture]. In Australia in Asia (FDN 110). Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University. Retrieved from

Podcast radio programme

Gary, S. (Presenter). (2007, December 23). Black hole death ray. StarStuff [Podcast radio programme]. Sydney, NSW: ABC News Radio. Retrieved from

Podcast television programme

Brown, W. (Presenter)., Brodie, K. (Presenter)., & George, P. (Producer). (2007, June 4). From Lake Baikal to the halfway mark, Yekaterinburg. Peking to Paris: Episode 3 [Podcast television programme]. Sydney, NSW: ABC Television. Retrieved from