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Theses: Finding Murdoch Theses

Information about theses and dissertations at Murdoch University and beyond

Find a Thesis on a Topic

Use the Library catalogue keyword search. Include the words Murdoch University theses and a topic keyword.

Try Murdoch University theses sustainability. You will find a range of theses on this topic.


The best way to search for Murdoch University theses using Findit is:

  1. Search for “Murdoch University theses” (with the inverted commas)
  2. Limit to Items in the library catalog, and to content type Dissertation

You can further limit your search by type of thesis, for example phd, master, honours, economics, etc.For example:

  • “Murdoch University theses” economics
  • “Murdoch University theses” phd
  • “Murdoch University theses” psychology honours

Finding PhD, MPhil and Professional Doctorate Theses

To find a list of all PhD, MPhil and Professional doctorate theses:

Search the Catalogue by Title

Enter Murdoch University theses [Name of award]

For example: Murdoch University theses PhD

Second copies of theses submitted prior to 2002 are held in the general collection. These are available for loan.

From 2003 most theses are also available electronically. Digital copies are available via the Murdoch Research Repository.

You can search for theses

You can browse by publication type (theses)

Finding Honours Theses

To find a list of all Honours theses

Search the Catalogue by Title 

Enter Murdoch University theses [Program of Study] 

For example: Murdoch University theses Biological Sciences honours

Finding Non-Murdoch Theses

Need to find theses from other Australian and International institutions?

Try our Finding Non-Murdoch Theses page

Getting Hold of a Thesis

A print copy of some theses are held in Special Collections. These are available by request but are not available for loan and can only be used in the Library's Reserve Room.

Request a thesis from Special Collections.