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Literature Reviews & Annotated Bibliography

What is a literature review?

A literature review enables you to survey the relevant literature which has been written on your chosen area of study. The literature you critically survey may include books, journal articles and other published and unpublished materials.


  • provides an overview of the current state of the literature about a topic
  • what do we know?
  • what are the gaps in our knowledge?


  • read critically
  • synthesise the literature around concepts and ideas, rather than just describe each author's findings in list form
  • the topic sentence should contain the concept then provide the studies that support it
  • note 2-4 bullet points for each study that summarises the main points and conclusions

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography informs readers of your evaluation of the literature you have surveyed. There are two parts to the annotated bibliography.

  • provide an alphabetic list of full bibliographic citations ensuring consistency of the correct format
  • add a few lines to a paragraph evaluating each cited work 


Research Repository

The Research Repository is an open access digital collection of research created by Murdoch University staff and students.


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