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EndNote: Editing references

Guide to using EndNote at Murdoch University

Editing references

Duplicate references in EndNote may lead to confusing by citing both versions and thus having double entries in your bibliography/reference list.

To find and remove duplicate references:

  • Go to References > Find Duplicates
  • You will be asked to compare the duplicates found:
    • Select ‘Keep This Record’ for the reference you want, or
    • Click ‘Cancel’ to close this box.
  • The ‘Duplicate References’ screen will be open, with the duplicate references highlighted
  • Right-click and select ‘Move References to Trash’.

If you want to update multiple citations at the same time (eg. adding a retrieval date or label), the best time to do it is when you have just imported them (in the ‘Imported References’ window) or in a Group.

To edit a field in multiple citations:

  • Go to Tools > Change/Move/Copy Fields…
  • The Change/Move/Copy Fields pop-up box will appear
    • In the Select a field… drop-down menu, choose ‘Access Date’
    • Click Replace whole field with:
    • Enter a date and click OK.

  • Click OK to confirm that you want to change that field in all references
  • A pop-up will inform you that all changes have been made. Click OK.

If you find that your reference data is not very good, EndNote can look up and import metadata from PubMed or Web of Science to improve it.

To update your references:

  • Go to References > Find Reference Updates…
  • In the Review Available Updates pop-up box, select whether you want to Update All Fields or Update Empty Fields
  • Click Save Updates
  • Click OK to save
  • Repeat the process for each reference to be updated, or Skip to the next reference
  • Click Cancel to exit the Review Available Updates box.

To edit your bibliography/reference list:

  • Click the  icon in the Bibliography group on the Endnote X7 tab
  • Click the Layout tab to change fonts, add a title (ie. ‘Bibliography’ or ‘Reference List’), and adjust indents and other formatting settings
  • To change the text of the bibliography/reference list (eg. capitalisations), you will need to make the necessary edits in EndNote and then click Update Citations and Bibliography.

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Video - finding duplicates

Video produced and kindly shared by EndNote Training