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EndNote: Editing citations in Word

Guide to using EndNote at Murdoch University

Cite While You Write - editing citations

 When writing your paper, you may need to make modifications to the citations - for example adding page numbers, or for author-date styles like APA, if the author's name/s (or the date) have been incorporated into the sentence of your text, you need to edit the in-text citation so that the name (or date) is not repeated.

eg: Nelson (2007) in her analytical piece, offers an alternative hypothesis to the commonly held....

1. Click on the citation (either in the in-text or footnote citation) in the Word doc so that it is highlighted.

2. Using the EndNote toolbar in the Word doc, go to Edit & Manage Citation(s)

3. Under the Edit Citation tab, choose the format you require from the dropdown list (in this example you would choose either Display as: Author (year) then click OK

For further assistance see the CYWY FAQ's or search the Endnote Knowledgebase

Video - editing citations

Video produced and kindly shared by EndNote Training

Adding pages to citations

To add a page number to your in-text or footnote citation use the Edit & Manage Citation(s) option and type the page number/s in the Pages box, eg. 27 (or 27-28). You do not need to type p or pp.


 This page has been adapted from the Notre Dame University Library LibGuide