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Transnational Education (TNE): Creating Links in MUR and LMS

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

What to do when you can't upload material to LMS or MUR

Publishers’ licenses, websites’ terms of use, and other restrictions mean that some learning materials may not be uploaded to MUR or LMS. In these cases you can create or embed links in LMS and/or MUR to:

  • journal articles in the Library’s digital collections - for more information see 'linking to articles and online resources' in the box below
    • most of the databases do not allow you to copy an article and upload it to either LMS or MUR
  • eBooks in the Library’s catalogue
    • right-click on ‘Permanent Link to Item’ in the Additional Information box on the right-hand side of the book’s catalogue record
  • websites that are openly accessible (e.g. there is no login or registration required, no payment, etc), but without free-to-share terms of use or licensing
    • if there is an option to download/print an article students can do so for their own study and research
  • films, documentaries and other programs and excerpts from EduTV and TVNews
  • Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) - Lecture Capture System  (LCS)
  • YouTube
    • note that their terms of use do not allow the download or other copying of their content

Linking to articles and online resources

You can make and distribute links to articles from databases that the Library subscribes to. There is no need to seek permission and you don’t need to worry about copyright.

Using the Citation Linker

  1.  Go to the Citation Linker

  2. Enter the details of your article as shown below and click on 'FIND IT'. Enter the name of the journal or ISSN, volume, issue, page and date.

3. If full text is available online, copy the entire URL from the browser address bar. Use this to link to the article in your LMS unit or My Unit Readings.

Other ways to create links

Some databases won't work with citation linker. If this is the case, it is simply a matter of copying the URL from the browser once you have located the desired article and pasting this into the relevant area in LMS or MUR. Similarly, URLs from openly accessible websites (e.g. there is no login or registration required, no payment etc) can be copied and pasted into LMS or MUR.

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