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Transnational Education (TNE): Lecture Capture System (LCS)

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

Using the Lecture Capture System



Murdoch uses Echo360 for its Lecture Capture System (LCS) to provide streamed and downloadable audio or screen capture from selected teaching venues. It can also be used to upload selected audiovisual (AV) content for your students to view (see the list below for details).

All teaching classes/periods scheduled in rooms with an Echo360 recording capability will be recorded by default. Unit Coordinators have the ability to cancel scheduled recordings via a new “Opt Out” screen that is accessible from the MyTeaching home page.

As your sessions will be recorded when you are lecturing or undertaking tutorial or workshop activities in a venue with Echo360 ALP recording capability, it is very important to remember to ‘pause’ the capture whilst playing certain copyright materials.

Echo360 recording cannot be paused in other teaching venues; if you are going to play commercial AV content, YouTube, etc in a tutorial or workshop you must arrange to 'opt out' of the recording prior to the session.

What can be captured via Echo360?

  • Screenrights licensed recordings – these can also be made available for individual viewing by uploading the recording directly to LCS, using this Request Form
  • EduTV and TV News programs and segments are licensed with Screenrights so can be played and recorded during lectures, tutorials, and workshops
  • ‘Educational Purposes’ licensed recordings from the Library’s collection of DVDs
  • Music from the repertoire of recordings covered by the Tertiary Music Licence
  • Content sourced through the Library’s Free to Share resources
  • Creative Commons licensed content
  • AV content supplied as part of a publisher’s package or through direct agreement with a publisher or other copyright owner
  • Your lecture notes/slide presentations
    • if these contain any third party content (e.g. images, illustrations, graphs, diagrams, maps, etc) please ensure a 'Copyright Warning Notice' is displayed at the beginning of the recording and all references are included. Please contact Learning Innovations if you need assistance

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