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Transnational Education (TNE): My Unit Readings (MUR)

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

My Unit Readings

My Unit Readings (MUR) is an online reading list management platform. Lists are created by collecting resources from the Library Catalogue, Library Search, databases and other sources on the Internet and can be organised in any way to suit your teaching plan (ie. by week, session, topic, resource type etc). It is also possible to request digitisation of a book chapter or article, if it is not already available electronically. 

It is University policy that all third party copyright materials for students who are enrolled in Murdoch University units with offshore partners will be delivered by My Unit Readings. This includes:

  • book chapters
  • articles from hardcopy journals, newspapers, etc
  • conference papers
  • slide presentations (e.g. lecture notes) that incorporate copyright-protected images, illustrations, graphs, maps, diagrams, etc.
  • content downloaded from the Internet including images, illustrations, diagrams, text, photos, etc.

It is important to note that digitised readings are subject to the restrictions of the Copyright Act's Statutory licence, in that:

  • only one chapter or 10% of a given book may be digitised and made available per unit, per teaching period
    • the Statutory Licence does not permit additional chapters from the same book to be supplied to students in print e.g. by making photocopies
    • students must not be directed to copy additional chapters themselves
  • one article from an issue of a journal may be digitised and made available for a unit; 2 or more articles may be copied from the same issue if they address closely related topics (Please refer to Teaching Support for Academic Staff - Copyright Matters)

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