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Transnational Education (TNE): Delivering Teaching Materials to Students

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

Unit Readings for Offshore Students

It is University policy that all third party copyright materials for students who are enrolled in Murdoch University units with offshore partners will be provided via My Unit Readings. This policy includes the following teaching materials:

  • journal articles, chapters, etc that are usually compiled in unit readers

  • slide presentations that include third party materials: diagrams, photographs, cartoons, etc

  • UILGs that include third party materials: diagrams, photographs, cartoons, etc

  • any supplementary readings required during the semester

The licence under which we copy and distribute course readers and supplementary readings to students within Australia does not cover the provision of a single copy of a third party copyright work (in any format) to a partner who then prints or otherwise reproduces the material at the offshore site.

Licensed teaching materials

Attention should also be paid to course materials that are used by the University under other licences or contracts: these may not cover the use of the materials in another jurisdiction. The terms of any contract or licence should be confirmed before providing such materials to students offshore.

Audio Visual (AV) materials

There are several types of licences for DVD/Video recordings and screening websites which must be considered before using any AV item. 

It is important to be aware that you may infringe copyright if you record or copy AV materials without an appropriate licence, the copyright owner's permission, or the protection of s.200AB. Copyright infringement can incur severe penalties for both individuals and the University.

  Using AV materials 

Websites and online content use for educational purposes

Under Australian legislation, even if the content of a website appears to be 'freely available' it is still protected by copyright in the same way as a printed book or journal, and you usually need permission from the copyright owner to make a copy of any of their documents or to upload that copy to My Unit Readings; this permission is sometimes given in the website's terms of use or copyright statement, or they may attach a Creative Commons licence to their content.

  Using online content 

‘© Murdoch University’

Works created by University staff in the course of their employment e.g. a unit guide (that does not contain third party images, etc) are not subject to the above provisions, and may be sent in any convenient format to the partner for reproduction at the offshore site.

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