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Transnational Education (TNE): Locating Resources

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

Library Search

You can begin your research by typing your term(s) directly into the search tool:

This will look through,

  • the entire Library catalogue, including books, ebooks, journals and more,
  • the majority of our subscribed databases, which include journals, journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles, videos, conference papers, and more,
  • the Murdoch University Research Repository
  • any open access material available online

and display your results like this:

As you can see, a lot of results have been returned (nearly 11 million), so it is important to refine your search to improve the accuracy of your results. There are a number of ways to do this. Check out these tips to improve your searching.

Note: Although searching in this way will include books from the Murdoch Library in the search results, you may find it more useful to only search the Library catalogue (see below).

Searching the Catalogue

To search within the Library catalogue only, click on the link to the catalogue under the main search tool:

If you are searching for a known book, you can use the radio buttons to search by 'Title' or 'Author'. However, if you are doing research on a topic and want to see what resources are available, you can do a 'Keyword' search by simply entering the term(s) you are interested in. See for example, a keyword search for 'economics' above. 


The results provide a lot of information on how to find the resource:

  • the first column tells you what type of resource it is e.g. database, print (book), eBook etc.
  • the location advises where the item can be found. This may be a reference to a level of the library with a call number (located on spine of the item), or it may be a link to an online resource. When there is no item information (as in #2 above), this may mean the item is still on order
  • the status column advises whether or not the resource is available to borrow:
    • Check Shelf - means the book is available in the Library (not checked out)
    • Due - the book is on loan and should be returned by the date indicated
    • Online Access - the book is available online
  • clicking on the title of the material will give you further information about the item

Electronic Resources

An example of what you will see if you were to select an eBook title:

Clicking on the link shown under Access Online will open up the eBook for you to read online. Different eBooks will use different interfaces, so they may look different when you open the link.

Please refer to our eBook guide, which provides advice on how to access and use the different eBooks.

What to do if you can't access the material?

A small number of online resources are not available for access outside Australia. If a resource is not available to you, you will see the following message when you try to access it:

Sorry, this resource is not available to you. Please contact a library staff member for alternative resources.

In this instance, you will need to consider requesting a scanned copy of the article or book chapter. 

Before making a request, check:

  • My Unit Readings: the item may be available on your reading lists.
  • Library Search: the item may be available online.
  • ArticleReach: if you cannot locate it using Library Search, you may be able to request it from another library.

If you still can't access the item, please Submit a document request form

Copyright restrictions apply to document requests. Please see Copyright Restrictions (above left) for details.

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