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Transnational Education (TNE): Quick Guide to MUR

An introduction to providing transnational education at Murdoch

Quick Guide to My Unit Readings


What can I put in My Unit Readings?

a book 1 chapter or 10% per unit, per teaching period
an eBook 1 chapter or 10% per unit, per teaching period (a school's contract/agreement with a publisher may permit other uses)
an article from a hardcopy journal one article from any one issue - more may be copied if they address the same topic
an article from a journal in the Library's databases

usually you may add a link to the article

pdf of an item online it depends; check with Copyright Coordinator
pdf of an item online licensed as 'free for education' upload the pdf; check with Copyright Coordinator if unsure of licence terms
an image from a book any image may be digitised
an image online any image may be used under the Statutory Licence, must be referenced. May also use any image licensed with Creative Commons or other 'free' licence
any image/text/quiz or other content from the Library's Free to Share resources must include the original Creative Commons or other 'free' licence details with the content
YouTube YouTube videos must not be downloaded or copied, but may be linked from the reading list
Screenrights recordings ie. recordings of broadcasts received in Australia from radio, TV, podcasts etc
a link to the recording from LCS or search EduTVTVNews for content to link to
commercially produced DVDs or videos cannot link or add
your own lecture notes, unit guide, slide presentations, and other Murdoch Uni © works  


can be digitised or linked to

Please remember: all third party content must be referenced


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